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I sigh, wishing to feel beautiful, be beautiful.

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But as the episode progressed, he saw something in her that was sort of like a little candlelight at the end of a dark tunnel. And she was saying that there are good people in the world and there are reasons to go on and don’t give up hope. I think she was that little glimmer of hope for him. And I think that’s what he was attracted to.

If he misconstrued those feelings as possibly, like, a crush, then that’s even better! But I don’t think he went in there like “Hey, me and you!” I think he kind-of, like, “There’s something good in you and I haven’t seen anything good in forever.” It’s being, like, lost in the woods for miles and miles and starving and finding an apple tree with an apple on it, you know? It’s like, there’s something good out there and maybe that’s you. And maybe you can show me whatever you know and you can make Daryl have those hopeful feelings, too.

And I think some might have interpreted that as “He thinks you’re cute” or “He wants to be with you” but it was deeper than that, to be honest.” +Norman Reedus 

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You are not accidental. The world needs you. Without you, something will be missing in existence and nobody can replace it. —Osho (via yogachocolatelove)

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the last heir
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  • Final Fantasy X Meme - Character Name Meanings

3. TIDUS [Tida] - Okinawan - Sun

        - possible derivative of tide or Titus [Latin, Roman praenomen meaning honourable]

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Something I realised, after having to help many international tourists count out their change, is that American coins don’t actually have the number value on them??? Like no wonder all these poor tourists are so confused



it just fucking says one “dime”

what the fuck is a dime

how much is it worth

whose idea was this

oh my god i never even realized that what the hell we all just sort of know what they’re worth through some sixth sense bullshit

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The Cat Returns (2002)

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Artist: Krewella

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I know what it feels like

Come on make me feel alive!

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final fantasy x series + the alphabet

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